Licking The Clitoris

There are many different methods in which a man can lick a woman’s clitoris incorrectly, however only one or two ways for him to do it correctly. If a man tries to trace his tongue down the clitoris of his lady the wrong way, the turn out could be that the woman does not take happiness in the oral sex at all. Seeing as this is the opposite of what you are attempting to accomplishing when licking and kissing your woman’s vagina, let me give you some helpful hints.

As performing oral sex for your significant other, you need to pay extraordinary awareness to the clitoris. This extremely sensitive area on a woman has got to be stimulated just enough or ultimately, climax won’t be attained. To successfully stimulate your lady’s clitoris you could always try using you fingers to get the most out of the delight she is feeling. Take your fingers in and out of her vagina and keep them in play to actually make her feel as though you know what you are doing. For all the while you should bear in mind that sometimes, it takes a while for a woman to fully reach climax so you probably should never stop licking or touching prematurely.

If you still would like more data on how best to lick your lady’s parts the right way you could always check out “Lick By Lick”. This revolutionary EBook by Michael Webb has made many men feel more self-assured in the art of cunnilingus. The more you know on how best to correctly arouse a woman’s clitoris, the more contented she will be when you get her in the sack. Following the guidelines that Michael web has to offer on oral sex can make your woman feel like you are the most experienced man in the world when it comes to “going down”!

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